If we want more evidence-based practice, we need more practice-based evidence.*


If we want more evidence-based practice, we need more practice-based evidence.*


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Conferences on Public Health, Health Promotion and Health Education:

August 2012 through November 2015     


Links to Website Resources          

Community and Population Health, searchable, alphabetical listing of websites of organizations, including voluntary, professional and federal agencies

Health Policy weekly and daily reports from the Kaiser Family Foundation, with searchable archives

Journals, tables of contents, searchable archives of past issues, instructions for authors and manuscript submissions, subscriptions

Job and Career Opportunities, position announcements, training fellowships and internships.

Online Bibliographies and Full-text Publications     


Combined Health Information Database (http://chid.nih.gov/) - [Link obsolete]

The Precede-Proceed Model of Health Program Planning and Evaluation

Searchable Bibliography of 1000+ Published Applications of the Precede-Proceed Model

Published Applications of Scale for Measuring Patient Compliance with Medical Regimens

PubMed searchable database of authors, titles, & abstracts of health science literature


Full-text Reports from the Institute of Medicine, of the National Academies:

Contributions of Behavioral and Social Sciences to Health, 2002

Drug Abuse Prevention, 1993

Future of the Public's Health, 2002

Who Will Keep the Public Healthy?  2003

Health & Behavior: Biological, Behavioral and Societal Influences, 2001

Participatory Research, 2003

Promoting Health: Intervention Strategies, 2000

Review of CDC's Prevention Research Centers, 1997

School Health, 1997


Reports from University of British Columbia Institute of Health Promotion Research:

The current www.lgreen.net website includes most of what was the IHPR website when Lawrence Green was its director from 1991-1999. That Institute is now the Centre for Population Health Promotion at the University of British Columbia, but does not maintain a separate website.

Guidelines for Participatory Research Projects in Health Promotion, Report for the Royal Society of Canada, 1996, with updated bibliography of published applications of the guidelines.

Annual Report of the UBC Institute of Health Promotion Research, reporting on the final year of the IHPR under the direction of LW Green.

External Review on first 10 years of UBC Institute of Health Promotion Research, reporting on the first decade of IHPR, including the 9 years under the direction of LW Green.

Dissertation abstracts of PhD students between 1991-1999.

To order reprints of publications by LW Green & colleagues for 1991-1999.


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