If we want more evidence-based practice, we need more practice-based evidence.*

If we want more evidence-based practice, we need more practice-based evidence.*


Websites on Parenting


ABCs of Parenting


A comprehensive source directory of pregnancy, parenting, and child care articles and Web sites. Categories include: child care, education, health, fatherhood, finance, nutrition, organizations, safety issues, product recalls, infertility, and online shopping. Special sections on attention deficit disorder (ADD) and how to deal with the death of a child. Accesses chat rooms, discussion boards, support groups, and family homepages.



Includes ideas on activities, babies, food, education,
parenting and travel for the family seeking easily accessible information online; not to mention Infoseek's GO Network search engine for easy information access.

Family Education Network 
Searchable site with lots of resources for families who are truly involved with their kids; lots of the usual features we see on parent sites plus a clickable map to find local school websites - very family friendly.

Family Village 
Excellent collection of online resources for families of
children with disabilities; set up like a virtual community, this is a truly endearing site.

Idea Box 

Early childhood education ideas that both parents and
teachers can use; a monthly newsletter and contest make it a site to keep coming back to.


A Mom's Love 

A site for moms in all their varied roles with lots of special interest features, as well as advice and support for those at home and on the job.


National Center for Fathering 

Just what men need - some support and encouragement as they work in the role of their lives; well-written with ways to address all the issues of dads actively participating in child rearing - stays away from radical father's rights propaganda.


National Parent Information Center


A database of parenting information from the ERIC people; easy to search and more substance than flash.

National Parenting Center 

A clearinghouse for all kinds of parenting information, bringing together experts, product reviews, services, articles, plus a site-based chat room for parents to support one another.


Net Mom

Jean Armour Polly's parent's companion to the Internet, largely offered as a free newsletter sent directly to e-mailboxes; great site recommendations rated and family safe.


Parent Soup 

Perhaps the most comprehensive parent mega-site online, with every kind of feature, poll and interactive opportunity imaginable; I also find that their information is fairly substantive.....don't let the slick presentation give you the impression these folks aren't serious.


Parents Helping Parents 

Great collection of resources for special needs families, including assistive technology.


Breastfeeding Tips & Guide

A comprehensive and well-compiled guide on breastfeeding with different sections on the benefits, common questions, first time tips, and other advice including videos. 

Special Needs and Disabilities 
Breaks down online resources by disability and by different types of organizations - nice, neat, quick text-based collection of sites for parents and teachers; a great way to direct parents towards further reading on pertinent topics!

Step Family Network 

Support for all members of blended families, including parents and children, with monthly features and lots of resources and ideas, a much needed site on the Web.



A wonderful site which emphasizes parents' needs in meeting the needs of their children; lots of hints and tips on things like emerging literacy and parenting courses.


You Can Handle Them All! 

Billed as "a discipline model for handling over 100 different misbehaviors at home and at school," this is a no holds barred look at discipline, defining the concept and then breaking it down so that it can be manageable and successful for everyone involved; careful - there's links to purchase related materials if you're so inclined.


Hotline Numbers for Women & Families 


Provides a list of hotline resources in the United States.


Administration for Children and Families,
US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

ACF is responsible for US federal programs which promote the economic and social well-being of families, children, individuals, and communities.


National Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting, and Prevention

500 East 62nd Street New York, NY 10021 212-310-900

Works to eliminate institutional racism and to provide direct service to minorities in health and family planning.


Planned Parenthood federation of America, Inc.

810 Seventh Avenue New York, NY 10019  212-541-7800

Operates reproductive health centers offering family planning services, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, screening of reproductive cancers and sexuality educaion programs. 



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