Websites On Eating Disorders

Center for Eating Disorders

Center for Eating Disorders - provides information on diagnosis and treatment of the major eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating.


Database of Food And Nutrition Software.
Maintained by the Food and Nutrition Information Center of the National Agricultural Library, United States Department of Agriculture, 1998. 


Eating Well, Staying Well
Grades 4-12

Students learn the importance of good nutrition with this WebQuest,
which was developed as part of a teacher inservice in Chicago, USA this summer. Find more WebQuests at


Team Nutrition

This is a resource for nutrition education information for schools, students, parents and communities.


National Dairy Council
6300 North River Road
Rosemont, IL 60018 
Phone: (312) 696-1020
National resource agency in nutrition: inter-sectoral relationships, research reports, educational exhibits, films, advertising material; news releases.


Healthy Eating
Prepared by Dietitians of Canada   
Five food group tips to help improve eating habits, such as choosing whole grains.



Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating  
Prepared by Health Canada (HC), Health Promotion and Programs Branch  (HPPB), Health Issues Division (HID)  
Gives advice the proper amount of food needed every day from the four food groups.



Celebrating the Pleasure of Vegetarian Eating  
Prepared by Dietitians of Canada


Provides basic facts on vegetarianism, including balanced diet, menu planning, and recipes.
Fast facts about nutrition
Prepared by Dietitians of Canada  


Outlines 5 important points in making food choices and discusses individual needs and buying tips.
Health Canada - Sant Canada: Nutrition Program Unit
Prepared by Health Canada (HC), Health Promotion and Programs Branch (HPPB), Health Issues Division (HID)  
Provides full text model to address nutrition issues in communities across Canada. It includes a discussion of international issues and how foreign policy interconnects with domestic policy with regard to nutrition.


American Anorexia Bulimia Association  A national, nonprofit organization for preventing and treating eating disorders. Contains practical information for sufferers, parents and friends. Includes a bibliography on anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge eating and contact information of the organization. 


You Are What You Eat   

Thinkquest Nutrition Guide

This guide to nutrition includes a food database along with food counter and food planner tools; an introduction to why nutrition is important; information on food labels, eating out, value of diets and starting an exercise program; and, profiles of vitamins and minerals.



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