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Community and Population Health,
8th Edition

Lawrence W. Green &
Judith M. Ottoson

8th edition
ISBN: 0-8151-2542-9 /1999 Hardcover / 784 pgs

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Publisher's Announcement

Now in its eighth successful edition, this respected text bears a new name. Reflecting the recent emergence of population health in the community health field, Community and Population Health represents the concept that many populations of concern in health programs are not defined solely by geographic location.

Also new to the eighth edition, end-of-chapter WebLinks list relevant sites on the World Wide Web. This new resource provides you with up-to-the-minute information and is a great tool for further study and research.


This edition provides students with comprehensive understanding of health in communities and
populations. Information on health strategies --preventive medicine, public health, school health,
and self-care--provides students with a broad perspective on health issues and ways to resolve
them, including issues unresolved of child abuse, HIV-AIDS, drug abuse, and alcoholism.   In the pages
that follow, new information appearing in the scientific literature and in the popular press since the
8th edition went to press is included.

Table of Contents

Links below include parts of the Instructor's Manual material, supplementary news, websites, new references and late-breaking events for each chapter since publication of the 8th edition, and are updated periodically. 

PLEASE NOTE: Broken links for websites within each chapter are not updated

Part I: Foundations

1     Through the Centuries
2     Community, Ecology, Organization, and Health
3     Community and Population Diversity, Demography, and Epidemiology
4     Human Behavior, Community and Population Health Education

Part II: Community and Population Health Through the Life Span

5      Reproductive, Infant and Child Health
6     Adolescent Health
7     Adult Health
8     Aging and Health of Older Populations

Part III: Community and Population Health Promotion

9       Community Mental and Social Health
10     Community Recreation and Fitness
11     Communicable Disease Control
12     Lifestyle, Population Health, and Community Health Promotion

Part IV: Environmental Health Protection

13     Community Injury Control
14     Community Water and Waste Control
15     Community Food and Vector Control
16     Residential, Occupational, and Other Environments
17     Control of Atmospheric Pollution

Part V: Health Organization, Resources and Services

18     World and National Context of Community Health Services
19     State or Provincial Health Organizations, Resources, and Services
20     Local Health Organizations, Services and Resources
21     Personal Health Care Services and Resources                                                             
22     Community Preparedness and Disaster Relief [new chapter for future edition]
Community and Population Health Internet Resources

The 1999 edition of the Instructor's Manual/Testbank to accompany Community
& Population Health
are available to instructors from McGraw-Hill.

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