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Patient Adherence to Medical Regimens

Updated 11/25/2019

The following is a listing of published articles applying or analyzing the index of patient compliance with medical regimens, as first presented and analyzed in the following four articles, validating verbal answers against blood pressures for estimating or predicting patient adherence behavior:

  1. Green, L. W., Levine, D. M., Wolle, J., & Deeds, S. G. Development of randomized patient education experiments with urban poor hypertensives. Patient Counseling and Health Education 1: 106-11, 1979.
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For translations of this scale to French, Spanish, German and other European languages by Groupe de Recherche Servier, France, contact -- Théodora de Coster-Audoin: Email: 

The original 4-item scale, is referred to in the literature as the "Medication Assessment Questionnaire" (MAQ) developed and applied in baseline and post-intervention interviews with patients in the Johns Hopkins studies of hypertension control (Green et al, Levine et al, Morisky et al,), between 1975 and 1977, was again validated in 1990 when Morisky conducted the first chemical validation (the original criterion validity tests were with blood pressure) and its concordance with the revised scale. The item regarding "carelessness" was replaced with a more neutral item measuring unintentional reason for not taking one's medication....("problems remembering"), which resulted in a higher reliability score (Cronbach's alpha - .68). (Original item: "Are you careless at times about taking your [name of health condition] medicine?" was replaced with "Do you ever have problems remembering to take your [name of health condition] medication?" This version of the original MAQ scale became known as the Morisky Medication Adherence Scale (MMAS-4). In 2008, he published an updated version of the MMAS-8 which has a higher reliability (.83) and higher sensitivity and specificity (93% and 57%).

The MAQ is in the public domain and had been cited over 4500 times in peer-reviewed journals since its publication in 1986 and, perhaps unfortunately in some cases, modified extensively by others. (Morisky, Green, and Levine (Medical Care, 1986). The MMAS-4 is used mainly as a screening test in the clinical setting. Work with the MMAS-8 has also assessed maintenance and persistence in longitudinal studies. Both the MMAS-4 and the MMAS-8 scales have been translated in 80 languages and validated with physiological outcomes for hundreds of specific health conditions. The MMAS scales are not in the public domain and require a license for use. For the original items in the MAQ and the use of the MMAS-4 or MMAS-8 and the coding instructions and psychometric properties, contact Professor Donald Morisky,

* These references are those applying the original 4-item scale, or local variations on it

NOTE: The references are presented alphabetically by the first author's surname.
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