Coding Schemes Applications

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The following are published articles applying or analyzing coding schemes for ecological levels presented in: Richard L, Potvin L, Kischuk N, Prlic H, Green LW (1996). Assessment of the integration of the ecological approach in health promotion programs. American Journal of Health Promotion, 10(4), 318-328.

Publications by a student are marked by an " * "

NOTE: The references are presented alphabetically by the first author's surname.
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  1. *Breton E, Richard L, Lehoux P, Labrie L, Léonard C, (2004) Analyser le degré d’intégration de l’approche écologique dans les programmes de promotion de la santé : le cas des programmations de réduction du tabagisme de deux directions de santé publique québécoises. Revue canadienne d’évaluation de programme, 19(1): 97-123. 

  2. *Clary Muronda, V. (2015). The Culturally Diverse Nursing Student: A Review of the Literature. J Transcult Nurs. pii: 1043659615595867. [Epub ahead of print]. [Abstract]

  3. Johnston, L.; Doyle, J.; Morgan, B.; Atkinson-Briggs, S.; Firebrace, B.; Marika, M.; Reilly, R.; Cargo, M.; Riley, T.; Rowley, K. (2013). A Review of Programs That Targeted Environmental Determinants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Health. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 10(8): 3518-3542. [Abstract] [Free Full Text]

  4. Lévesque, L, Richard L, Duplantie J, Gauvin L, Cargo M, Renaud L, Potvin L (2000). Un outil pour l’analyse de l’intervention en promotion de la santé : une application au programme de la Carélie du Nord. Ruptures : revue transdisciplinaire en santé, 7(1): 114-129.[Abstract] [Free Full Text]

  5. Richard L., Barthélémy L., Tremblay M.-C., Pin S., Gauvin L. (Edited by). Interventions de prévention et promotion de la santé pour les aînés : modèle écologique. Guide d’aide à l’action franco-québécois. (Prevention and Health Promotion Interventions for the Elderly: The Ecological Model.). National Institute for Prevention and Education for Health, Saint-Denis, Cedx, France., 2013 : 112 p. [Free Full Text]

  6. Richard L, Gauvin L, Ducharme F, Trudel M, *Leblanc ME (2012) Integrating the ecological approach approach in disease prevention and health promotion programs for older adults : An exercise in navigating the headwinds. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 31(1): 101-125. [Abstract] [Free Full Text]

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  10. Richard L, Gauvin L, Ducharme F, Gosselin C, Sapinski JP, Trudel M (2005) Health promotion and disease prevention for older adults: Intervention themes and strategies used in Québec Local Community Health Centres and Seniors’ day centres. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 96(6): 467-470. [Free Full Text]

  11. Richard L, Potvin L, Denis JL, Kishchuk N (2002). Integration of the ecological approach in tobacco program for youth : A survey of Canadian public health organizations. Health Promotion Practice, 3(3): 397-409. [Abstract]

  12. Richard L, Potvin L, Kischuk N, Prlic H, Green LW (1996). Assessment of the integration of the ecological approach in health promotion programs. American Journal of Health Promotion, 10(4): 318-328. [Abstract]

  13. Richards Z, Kostadinov I, Jones M, Richard L, Cargo M (Sept 2014). Assessing implementation fidelity and adaptation in a community-based childhood obesity prevention intervention. Health Education Research, 29(6): 918-932. [Abstract]

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