If we want more evidence-based practice, we need more practice-based evidence.*


If we want more evidence-based practice, we need more practice-based evidence.*



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August 2005

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May 2005

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April 2005

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March 2005:

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February 2005

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Treaty on tobacco control effective Feb 27. Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Feb 26, '05.

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Clearance problems that led to the CDC report overestimating obesity deaths. Los Angeles Times, Feb 10, 2005. See additional news from Kaiser Health News Jan 19, 2005 [Supporting news in Los Angeles Times - Jan 19, 2005] 

WHO official predicts AIDS vaccine in 10 years. All Africa.com, Feb 9, 2005. 

Prenatal screening for toxoplasmosis indicated by study. AP, Feb 9, 2005. Amer J Obst & Gyn. Feb 2005. 

Navajo reservation has no law criminalizing methadone. “Growing meth use on Navajo land brings call for Tribal action”. The New York Times, Feb 7, 2005. Joseph J. Kolb

Bush budget would eliminate Prevention block grants, reduce CDC by 9%. NY Times, Feb 5, 2005. Budget released Feb 7, 2005. 

Court stops Justice Dept from collecting $280 million from tobacco industry. CNN, Feb 4, 2005. 

Restaurants settle lawsuit with California state attorney general over mercury warnings. “Eateries agree to mercury warnings”. The Los Angeles Times, Feb 5, 2005.   Julie Tamaki

Wal-Mart gun safety law settlement reached. “Wal-Mart pays $14.5 million to settle California gun law violations” Andrews Publications, Feb 4, 2005. Ron Baker

State house committee approves Kentucky tobacco payout. “House panel votes to tap special fund to pay $114 million to tobacco farmers”. Lexington Herald-Leader, Feb 3, 2005. Ryan Alessi

Bill would allow Maine kids at camp to carry inhalers. “Bill aims to help youths with asthma”. Bangor Daily News, Feb 1, 2005. Meg Haskell

State will no longer require blood tests for marriage licenses. “ Massachusetts abolishes all blood tests for marriage licenses”. Associated Press, Feb 2, 2005. Steve LeBlanc

Jury finds tobacco co. liable for 25% of Missouri woman’s illness. “Jury orders Brown & Williamson to pay $22M” Reuters, Feb 2, 2005.

State Senate committee advances broad indoor smoking ban in Virginia. “Panel approves smoking ban; Restriction would apply to nearly all public buildings”. The Washington Post, Feb 4, 2005. Michael D. Shear

NIH to issue rules to make grant-funded scholarly articles free to public. “Latest research will be accessible” (subscription required). The Wall Street Journal, Feb 3, 2005. Bernard Wysocki, Jr. 

Appeals court rules in favor of tobacco companies. “Tobacco settlement unlikely, analysts say” Associated Press, Feb 5, 2005.

US teen pregnancy, birth, & abortion rates continue decline since late 80s, early 90s highs. MMWR, Feb. 4, 2005. 

Canada will spend $24M to establish national antiviral stockpile. “Canada stockpiles drugs to combat global flu pandemic” The Vancouver Sun, Feb 4, 2005. Mark Kennedy

NIH urges speedy publication online of research results. NIH, Feb 4, 2005. 

Singapore: Mosquitoes breeding in house plants could bring fines. “Dengue fever hits record highs in Singapore" Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Feb 4, 2005. 

Illness & injury are number 1 cause of bankruptcy filings in US. Health Affairs, Feb 2, 2005. 

NY Times notes that cancer overtakes heart disease as number one US killer, but fails to mention environmental carcinogens. Feb 1, 2005. 


January 2005


New IOM/National Academies report on built environment as it affects physical activity,. ATPM News. Jan 31, '05. For full report, click here


Barbara Rimer appointed Dean of UNC School of Public Health.  ASPH Friday Letter, Jan 28, 2005. 


Antibacterial additive widespread in US waterways. ASPH Friday Letter. Jan 28, 2005. 


Public health consequences of the Graniteville, SC and other toxic substance crashes. MMWR, Jan 28, 2005. 


Rapid health surveillance response following tsunami. MMWR, Jan 28, 2005. 


DHS braces for departure of managers. “Resignations leave void in top Homeland Security management ranks” GovExec.com, Jan 27, 2005.Chris Strohm.


US leads developed countries in sexually transmitted disease rates. Newsday, Jan 26, 2005, from British Journal Sexually Transmitted Infections. Jan 27, 2005.


Bill would repeal Arkansas school body mass assessment program. Associated Press, Jan 25, 2005. 


DHHS Secretary nominee Leavitt testifies on possibility of Medicaid cuts at Senate Finance Committee. Jan 21, 2005. 


Cesarean births in U.S. reach record level of 26.7%. MMWR, Jan 21, 2004. 


Arizona legislators approve anti-bullying bill. The Arizona Republic, Jan 20, 05.  Robbie Sherwood


New Dietary Guidelines released. The US Departments of Agriculture and Health & Human Services released the 2005 version of the periodically revised Guidelines, Jan. 12, 2005. 


Hidden danger in the delta: Fragile levees threaten state's water. State's drinking water could be polluted with salt water if the winter rains overrun levees. San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 9, 2005. Greg Lucas. 


Two fatal cases of rat-bite fever. Pet rats bit their handlers, both of whom died in recent incidents. MMWR, Jan. 7, 2005. 


Malaria in resort areas of Dominican Republic. MMWR, January 7, 2005.


Public health impact of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Press accounts compiled by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, January 2005. 


Indiana: Bill would close state’s seat-belt loophole. “Seat belt pressure tightens”. Northwest Indiana Times, Jan 3, 2005,  Brendan O’Shaughnessy.


Ohio: Court says Master Settlement Agreement bans promo matchbooks “Court: Settlement bans cigarette ads on free matchbooks”. Associated Press, Jan 3, '05. 


Pennsylvania: Schools see promising results from obesity campaign “School district shows early success in fighting childhood obesity”. Associated Press, Jan 1, 2005. 


California: Cities and towns make effort to keep tobacco from minors. “Fee helps snuff out tobacco sales to minors” Monterey County Herald Jan 1, 2005.  M.S. Enkoji


South Carolina: Quirk in state’s tattoo law comes to light. “Tattoo law comes with sticking point” Charlotte Observer Jan 1, 2005.  Henry Eichel


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