Resources to Help Prevent the Spread of the Flu Virus


Flu Prevention -  offers information on some of the medical options you have for preventing and treating the flu.



Home Hygiene: Tips, Resources and Best Practices for the Prevention of the Spread of Illness 

This guide provides home-cleaning tips that will help keep your home germ-free. 



5 Ways to Protect Your Child in Flu Season 

Written by a physician, this article offers some helpful ways to help prevent your children from getting sick, as well as how to teach them to protect themselves using healthy hygiene practices. 



Healthy House, Healthier Body 

This article identifies some larger-scale home health hazards to take care of that may be threatening your health. 



Waterborne Illness and Swimming Pool Water

Bacteria has a habit of hiding out in our swimming pools. This article informs on what germs to look out for, and how to kill them.



Senior Flu Prevention and Taking Care of the Elderly

Individuals who are 65 and older are especially susceptible to the flu virus. This resource offers insight on keeping your loved ones healthy. 




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